etherow country park stockportA number of things you need to know about Etherow Country Park

Etherow Country Park was known to be one of the very first parks to ever come up in Britain. The park was established in the year 1968 which was done in a very old cotton mill. Over the years, the park was able to grow not only in size but in popularity as well. Today, the Etherow Country Park is able to attract millions and millions of different visitors from all over the world. The location of the park is also very convenient for visitors since it is a very reach if you are either in Manchester, Stockport or even the countryside of Pennies.

If you are wondering how big the park is, well, it covers an area of about 240 acres and it is mainly located at the Etherow-Goyt Valley. There is a lot of leisure activities that the Etherow Country Park is able to offer the people who are visiting there. Some of the leisure activities that you can be able to participate in the park include things like rambling, bird watching, model boating, nature study, sailing and you can also be able to angle which you can only be able to do once you are a member of the park’s club. The park is also able to host a number of events like the District and Marple round table-raft race.

For the handicapped, the Etherow Country Park management has made motorized wheelchairs available to them and the best part is that you will not be required to pay for it. Therefore, even the disabled visitors can also be able to have a good time in the park as they are also going to be given the opportunity to see the many different attractions that the park has. However, it would be a good idea for you to make a booking, especially during the weekends due to the huge number of people that tend to visit the park during that time.  There is also an additional cafeteria, visitors center and toilets that have been made available even for those that are disabled. These facilities can be found near the car park where by there is enough space for around 116 cars both for display parking and pay to park as well.

The Etherow Country Park is also reached in wildlife and if you are looking to see some beautiful animals, then this is the right place to be. The park is also home to over 200 different species of plants as well as many different species of birds that are living there. Another plus for the park is that it has its very own nature reserve which has specifically been designated for any special scientific interest that one may come up with.

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