days out stockport air raid sheltersThe Stockport Air Raid shelter has today become a historic site whereby many people from all over the world come to visit. These shelters play a very important role especially when it comes to the past of the people who are living in Stockport. The tunnels have recently been opened to the public as well as the residents of that area so that they are able to get the opportunity to learn about the historic past of the town and what lead to the building of this shelter.

The Stockport Air raid shelter was what helped the people living here to survive the attack by the Blitz. Been able to imagine just how afraid these people were and what kind of experience the people there had to undergo during the attack. When you visit these shelter, you are able to get a little bit of an idea about how it was during that time. The shelter was mainly opened during the rise of World War 2 and it was mainly created so that it could be able to protect the inhabitants of Britain during the different air raids that took place. The Stockport Air raid shelter was first dug into four different sets of tunnels that could be used by the civilians.  The first preparation of this shelter begun in the year 1938 and it started sheltering civilians in the year 1939.

However, the Stockport Air Raid shelter was not bombed until the year 1940. The smallest of the four tunnels that were dug was able to accommodate a capacity of around 2000 people. The largest of the four tunnels were able to accommodate a total of 3,850 people.  Over the years, the tunnels were expanded so that it could be able to hold around 6,500 civilians. The largest tunnels of the shelter have over the years been made open to the general public which took place from the year 1996. As mentioned earlier, it also became part of the town’s museum service having people from different areas coming to see for themselves.

When you take a trip there, and if you are confident enough that you are not going to lose your way, then you can be able to explore the different tunnels and get to see the narrow pathways that the civilians who were hiding there were making use of. These narrow pathways that acted as a kind of refuge for around 6500 inhabitants were carved mainly out of sandstone cliffs which are what makes the shelter an exciting site to see.  With a guided tour, you will also be able to discover the different stories surrounding the Stockport Air Raid shelter as well as the people who were been protected.

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